Tradex parking pass on-line purchase with Indigo


Tradex has a updated parking system with our  partner, Indigo.
Visitors to Tradex will be able to purchase their parking requirements, through any one of numerous pay stations located on site with Credit & Debit Cards or exact coin only . Payment processing will require that you enter your vehicle’s license plate parked at Tradex.  Once the parking ticket has been purchased, you do not need to display it in your vehicle; simply keep it as your receipt.  This payment allows in-and-out privileges for the full day of parking you purchased since it is associated with your vehicle’s license plate, which is registered in the Indigo system as paid.

To pre purchase your pass in advance click here  . You may purchase up to 1 month in advance. You will need to know your license plate number. If you are purchasing multiple passes and do not have access to all the plate numbers please email or call 604.669.7275.

You can also pay by phone, using the PayByPhone Parking App.



Q How much is Parking?
Parking is $8.00 per event day on site and $7.00 online. Including motorcycles. 

Q How far in advance can I purchase my parking pass?
1 Month in advance.

Q How long is my parking pass valid?
Parking passes expire at midnight the day of purchase unless you purchase a multi-day pass it will then expire at midnight of the last day. 

Q Are In/Out privileges permitted?
Yes, your pass is issued based on your license plate number, but remember your pass will expire at midnight on the day of purchase unless a multiple day pass is purchased.

Q What if I don’t know the a license plate number for buying multiple passes?
Please email or call 604.669.7275 and they will happily set   itup for you.

Q What forms of payment are accepted?
Credit & Debit cards will be accepted at all machines, exact coin will be accepted at selected machines outside.  (No change given)

Q Do I need to park in a specific stall?
No, Parking Passes are issued based on your license plate number. You can park in any stall that is not reserved.

Q Is my parking pass transferable?
No, parking passes are issued based on your license plate number and are non-transferable.

Q Do you have disabled parking spaces available?
Yes, we have a number of permanent spots and will add more for larger shows. Parking in these spots is on a first come basis (you must display a valid provincial parking permit).

Q Who do I contact for parking concerns?
Please contact Indigo Guest Services Department at 604.669.7275 or by e-mail at

Q Do I have to pay for my utility trailer?
Parking for trailers is available for a limited number of trailers in our compound for no fee, if you leave your trailer unattended in the parking lot it will be subject to the parking fee of $8.00 per day.

Q Can I get a refund on unused parking passes?
Sorry, parking passes are non-refundable.

Q How much is a violation ticket?
The current cost of a violation notice is $60.00. Reduced to $45 if paid within 10 days of receiving the notice.

Q How do i RV park?
RV Parking is $25.00 per night. Each reservation will expire the following day at 4pm.
Please pay at our Indigo kiosk. We accept credit & Debit cards.
Parking will be in the south gravel lot unless otherwise permitted.
If you have a vehicle and trailer please enter in the license plate of the vehicle.

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