move in & move out

Security will be positioned at each overhead door to operate during move in and out. They will all closely follow the WCB & emergency regulations. Please ensure you are aware that you must follow the directions of security.

General Information

• Any damage to the building will be charged back to the client

• We do not provide hand carts, pallet jacks or other items for move in & out. Please contact your display company for these items

• No handcarts or large items can travel through any glass doors of Tradex

• Tradex does NOT accept freight shipments unless coordinated with show management & Tradex

• No freight may be stacked or stored in the loading bay, driveways or  fire exits

• No vehicles are permited to drive anywhere in the Food & Beverage area

• Prior to unloading all exhibitors & freight handlers must check in at the show office

• Tradex will NOT accept freight shipments until approved by the show manager

• Drayage is provided by the display company hired by the show manager

• Overhead doors will not be opened until the isle carpet has been removed & select pipe and drape is dismantled

• You must have your booth packed before bringing your vehicle in to the building

Loading Bay & Access Points Specs
• Hall A (24’ high, 16’ wide)
• Hall B (14’hight, 16’ wide)
• Loading dock clearance has no height restriction and is 12’ wide
• Loading dock can accommodate semi-trailers up to 40’ in length
• Both bays have levelers

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