exhibiting f.a.q.

Where can I pick up my parking pass?

On your event move in days & event days at the Tradex Kiosk. Located in the main lobby of Tradex

When can I get a photocopy or fax?

Tradex Administration is open Monday – Friday 8am-5pm. During later show hours please report to the Kiosk in the lobby of Tradex.

How do I get internet access?

Every guest of Tradex gets 2 free sessions of 30 min. If you need it longer wireless internet is $20.00 for a 24 hour period. See instructions

Where is the lost & found?

Please see the security kiosk located in the lobby of tradex. Or call administration at 604-850-1533 or toll-free 1-866-853-1533. Lost & Found is kept for 30 days only.

Can I hand out bottles water or candy from my booth?

Candy may be handed out if they are individually wrapped.

As Coca Cola is the exclusive provider of beverages for Tradex no beverages including water may be handed out.

What time can I move in / move out at?

Please contact the Show Organizer for your scheduled time

What hotel is the closest?

The Signature Sandman Hotel is now open 2 minutes away from Tradex at Mt.Lehman Road & The Fraser Highway. For a full list & to book an Abbotaford hote please visit Tourism Abbotsford

How Do I arrange electrical, plumbing, telecommunications ect at my booth?

Please visit our order forms page

How do I arrange food & beverage to be delivered to my booth?

Please contact the food & beverage department.